Low temperatures have the ability of triggering subtle but permanent changes in the microstructure of many materials.

Very often, these transformations have a marked influence in some performance characteristics like wear resistance, fatigue life, conductivity or dimensional stability, among others. The effects can be really noticeable in certain materials and applications.

Tec fundamentosIt must be kept in mind that these are just thermal treatments, despite the very low temperatures reached during the process (usually below -175°C). Not only the surface, but the whole volume of the material is affected.

Cryogenic treatments can be used in virtually any type of steel (tool steels, HSS, stainless steels, cemented steels, bearing steels…), but also in cast iron, cemented carbide, copper alloys, aluminium alloys, special alloys, composites, polymers, etc.

Moreover, it should be cleared up that cryogenic treatments (also those performed in IK4-Azterlan) are completelly clean and environmentally friendly processes that do not generate any kind of waste or residues.