R & D

IK4-Azterlan is a reputed center in metallurgy. It is member of IK4 Research Alliance, a benchmark in the European R&D context.

The Cryogenic Treatment Area was created in 2011, gathering the know-how and experience previously developed by Cryobest, one of the European pioneer companies in this field.

Apart from performing the multi-stage cryogenic treatment service for numerous customers, IK4-AZTERLAN is also involved in the study of the fundamentals and uses of this technology. The effect of deep low temperatures on materials has become a very active research area in recent years and, moreover, the number of potential applications is virtually unlimited.

investigacionIssues such as the effect of the treatment in different materials, the mechanisms of the microstructural changes, the different process alternatives, the effects on the working performance of the components or the development of new applications are just examples of topics being investigated worldwide  by teams from multiple universities and research institutions. It is a fascinating and virtually unlimited field for research, given the wide range of materials that react to these processes and the variety of results obtained.

As one of the few entities providing cryogenic treatment service in Spain, IK4-AZTERLAN also contributes with his experience and know-how to increase the knowledge in this area. It is becoming a reference centre for different companies, universities and research organizations. In this sense, IK4-AZTERLAN fostered the celebration of the first European scientific meeting focused specifically on cryogenic treatment. This event, held at our facilities in Durango in April 2014, brought together some of the main researchers in this field in order to share knowledge, coordinate efforts and promote collaboration. Few months later, a second meeting took place with more participants in Warsaw, giving continuity to this initiative that is repeated periodically, in different places and with a growing number of participants. The main aim is to share and discuss the progress in this field, as well as to develop strategies to promote the future development of cryogenic treatment technology.

We encourage any company that is not sure about the interest of the use of this technology for its processes and/or products to contact us and we will gladly try to solve their questions and concerns. Quite often, the effect of cryogenic treatment can be assessed by few simple tests. If it is not the case, it is always possible to develop a more in deep research activity in order to analyze the potential use of the technology in the materials and applications considered. In any case, do not stay with doubts and feel free to pose your queries regarding this promising technology.