Cryogenic Treatment Service

In IK4-AZTERLAN we work to develop and disseminate cryogenic treatment technology and also to make it available to any potential user.

Therefore, we provide a cryogenic treatment service for all the companies and individuals who wish to benefit from its use.

We regularly perform multistage cryogenic treatments at our facilities in Durango. For it we have two industrial processors available, each of them capable for treating up to 600 Kg. of material per batch. Their useful internal dimensions are:


However, the weight or the size should not a definitive limitation because, if required, we are able to design and manufacture cryogenic processors tailored to the specific customer needs. If the size, the quantities, the lead times or any other constraint could be a limitation, we can analyse the situation and pose alternative solutions. This could go through the manufacturing of processors specifically designed for the application, being even possible to set them up at the facilities of the customer.

More and more companies from various sectors are already taking advantage of this technology. Cryogenic treatments can also be a perfect tool for the reduction of your costs and the improvement of the performance of your products. We invite you to contact us to discuss about your case and your needs.