Cryogenic treatments have countless applications…

They can be found in virtually any industrial field: metalworking, automotive, steel industry, timber, agriculture, mining, energy, etc.

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cuchillaMany tools are usually subjected to severe stresses that generate wear and fatigue being, therefore, a common application field for this type of treatments: industrial knives (for metal, wood, paper, plastic..), saws, machining tools (drill bits, inserts, milling cutters, reamers, hobs, broaches…), punches, dies, forging stamps, forming tools, rolls, moulds, electrodes, etc.

But not only the tools can be submitted to this type of process. The use of multistage cryogenic treatments can extend the life, increase the reliability and improve the performance of a big variety of components. Elements such as gears, bearings, springs, brake discs, pistons, connecting rods, engines, etc. are also successfully treated. These are just some examples of the huge potential of this technology.

There is a continuous development of new applications in which treatments at extremely low temperatures demonstrate its potential. As a result, these processes are also expanding to other fields: motorsports, sporting gear, surgical instruments, firearms, musical instruments, hi-fi, audio cables, etc.

instrumentalIt could be stated that, whenever a wear problem appears or a need to increase the performance of a material exist, there is an opportunity for this technology. Its use enables:

Increased productivities and reduced manufacturing costsProducts with improved performance, quality and life cycle
It is very likely that you can find numerous applications around you in which the use of cryogenics treatments could be a significant advantage. Please, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions concerning this technology as well as to assess its viability in your applications.