Cryogenic Treatments

Improving the performance of the materials

This is a permanent concern in industry and in practically any activity considered. Over recent years the treatments at cryogenic temperatures have shown a great potential to progress in this direction.

The multistage cryogenic processes are an advanced type of deep cold treatment. They enable to increase, sometimes very remarkably, the working performance of a wide variety of materials by submitting them to controlled thermal cycles in which temperature drops below -175 ºC.

IK4-AZTERLAN is a metallurgical research centre that has become a European reference in the field of cryogenic treatments. Apart from promoting the research activity in this area, our goal is to spread the technology and to make it available to as many companies and end users as possible.

OUR OWN TECHNOLOGYAntecedentesThe wide capabilities and long experience of IK4-AZTERLAN have enabled us to develop our own technology and to keep it constantly updated.

COUNTLESS APPLICATIONSAplicacionesWherever increasing the performance of a material is required, very likely there is a good chance for cryogenic treatments to be implemented.